Welcome and thank you for visiting Ever After Soap.

        I finally have been able to sign back in and update our web site. Because of a couple of computers dying and memory (mine) problems it has been a bit more than 2 years since I've been able to update our site. I will be doing so as quickly as farm life allows. Please bear with me.

Update: 1/30/23 I continue to update the pages listing our products to reflect current products we offer. Not all products shown are currently in stock. I am still in the process for updating the order form to reflect what we consider is a reasonable number of an item that are available on the drop down menu. There may be more available. If you want more than what is shown in the drop down menu, there is a question/comment field at the top of the form, below where you enter name, address, etc. I am still having problems with the editor used to update the info shown above the array of fragrances which shows a picture of the product, pricing, when this information was last updated, etc. I can't update or delete it. I am left with cussing out the screen and typing this message in the hopes you see it. 

        We had a very good year at 2022 Louisiana Renaissance Festival and want to extend our appreciation to all of our customers, old and new. Thank you. 

        Our soap is a handcrafted, cold process Castile soap. The additional fat from the milk of our pampered (spoiled), hand milked dairy goats gives our soaps & lotions extra moisturizing quality.  The soap contains no animal product other than the milk. The oils we use are a carefully selected blend of vegetable oils, each bringing a desired characteristic to our soap. And then to ensure a long lasting bar, we age our soap for 4-6 weeks.

      Currently, our goat milk soap bars &  Lotions are available in more than 20 fragrances (one unscented).  We offer several fragrances of goat milk shaving soap (one unscented). Also in men's grooming are Beard  Balms & Oils, Shaving Oils and Mustache Wax. All are available in several fragrances. 

     While we strive to maintain a plentiful supply of soap in stock, unforeseen demand, can deplete our stock of some of our products/fragrances of a product. For this reason, when you place an order with us, we will ensure that we have we have it on hand and then will send you an invoice. If any part of your order is not available, we will contact you via EMail to resolve the issue.
     When you click on Place an Order (to right), a form will open. Just enter your information and select the quantity of the products you want. When finished, just click on Submit at the bottom of the form. **Note** If you enter some information and selections and then go back to another page, you lose your entries. To avoid this, don't leave that page until you hit Submit. Or, you can Right Click Place an Order and choose to open in another Tab or window. Then you can go back and forth. Updating the order form will take me the longest. It can still be used but it may not have the latest information on Product/Fragrance availability/prices. 
      If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to send us an EMail. 
Judy & Patrick