Add to your bath and relax in the fragrant aroma. Bath Bombs (4 oz) add that special feeling for a relaxing bath.


      Some fragrances are seasonal and are not available year round.



 Bath Bomb


Candy Cane

Smells like the holiday candy. Seasonal

Cherry Almond

A blend of sweet cherries and almond.


Fresh cucumber smell with strong notes of melon. Reminiscent of Spring/Summer.


A blend of Lavender & Vanilla essential oils. Very relaxing.



Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

This blend of oatmeal, vanilla and honey fragrance oil has been our best seller for years.


Patchouli essential oil give this lotion a fresh earthy smell.

Peppermint/Tea Tree


Pumpkin Spice

Only thing missing is the whipped cream. Seasonal

Sea Breeze


Sinus Soother


Sugar Plum Fairy