Our handcrafted cold process soap is a saponified blend of carefully selected vegetable oils and milk from our pampered (spoiled), hand milked dairy goats. It contains no animal product other than the milk. The round bars (4.5 - 5 oz) come in a variety of colors & scents. Because color is achieved from the use of botanicals and minerals not chemical colorants, there will be variations in the color of different batches of the same scent. The added fat content of the goats milk gives each bar of soap extra moisturizing quality.

Cleopatra knew what pampered her skin.
     A soap with the name underlined indicates that it contains only essential oils (no fragrance oils).
 Goat Milk Soap, Bar

Amaretto Cream

(Honey Almond) Ground almond and vanilla bean powder act as exfoliates. Sweet almond oil with heady almond fragrance makes this a special blend.

Cherry Almond

A blend of sweet cherries and almond.

Double Mint

This blend of Spearmint & Peppermint essential oils with mint leaves and powder added for color is our son's (Joe) favorite for that morning lift.

Dragon's Blood

 An alluring blend with warming notes of amber incense. No mythological beasts were slain to make this product.

Green Tea & Cucumber

Zippy, clean cucumbers, soothing green tea makes this yummy scent.

Hippy Dippy

 Patchouli & Lavender essential oils give this soap a fresh earthy smell. Hemp seed oil adds Omega 3. But you still can’t smoke it.

Honey Eucalyptus

A blend of Eucalyptus essential oil and honey.

Lavender & Black Amber

Amber, the exotic scent of the Orient and one of the perfume world's most legendary ingredients, is combined with the comfort of French lavender, musk and vanilla. This clean, aromatic scent evokes a subtle, spicy warmth.  Perfect for those who do not want an overpowering scent on them throughout the day.

Lavender Lace

(Lavender & Vanilla) Lavender flowers are embedded in this essential oil soap made with Bulgarian Lavender……the color is from natural minerals.

Nitty Gritty

An espresso fragranced soap with coffee grounds and pumice added to make a slighty exfoliating soap. Great for just smelling!

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

The name says it all; fragrance oil, ground oatmeal, vanilla bean powder and real honey put this warm and toasty smelling soap over the top. Our best seller!

Orange Blossom

This wonderful blend of Gardenia and Orange essential oils is reminiscent of orange groves in bloom.

Ozark Mountain Rain

Made with rain collected from our farm in the midst of the Ozark Mountains. This is a fresh floral fragrance.

Peaches 'n' Cream

A scent of a midsummer harvest. Smells like fresh peaches from the farmer’s market.

Robin's Roses

(Rose Geranium) Named for our Saanen doe that ate our neighbors rose. The rose petals embedded are not from the same bush.

Rosemary Mist

(Rosemary & Lemongrass) A blend of woodsy Rosemary and fresh Lemongrass. Fresh rosemary and spirolina added.

Southern Belle

Jasmine -the exotic blend of freshly cut jasmine flowers with a base note of rose petals.

Southern Gentleman

Blends the classic masculine scents of fresh bergamot, polished leather and sultry sandalwood with a hint of herbal lavender. This is just exactly the way the perfect southern gentleman should smell.

Spiced Orange

A spiced orange blend of essential oils……with annatto seed powder for color.

Sugar Plum Fairy

(Sugary sweet) This delightful fruity aroma is not just for Christmas. 


Nuthin' But Soap! No added scents, colorants or botanicals. Nuthin’ but soapy goodness.

Very Berry

(Black Raspberry & Vanilla) Very much so.


A must have for hunters and fishing enthusiasts. Great for removing your human scent. Anise essential oil helps repel insects.