Mustache wax is packaged in a 50 gram tin making it is easy to apply. Helps keep your mustache out of your food and drink and will present a better groomed appearance.


     A little goes a long way. Scrape a small amount out with your fingernail and rub between thumb and index finger until it melts. Apply to one side of your mustache. Repeat with other hand/side of your mustache. 



Mustache Wax

Bay Rum

This traditional men's scent is a timeless blend of crushed cloves, cinnamon sticks, crisp pine needles, and a sweet orange freshness.

Black Pepper

Spicy black peppercorn is blended with soothing notes of bergamot and rich, earthy oak moss. Black Pepper meets Chai Tea.

Dragons Blood

An alluring blend with warming notes of amber incense. No mythological beasts were slain to make this product.

Southern Gentleman

Blends the classic masculine scents of fresh bergamot, polished leather and sultry sandalwood with a hint of herbal lavender. This is just exactly the way the perfect southern gentleman should smell.


No scents added for those sensitive to essential/fragrance oils.