Foaming Bath Salts

      Secret Garden Foaming Bath Salts Pleasing to the eye, nose and skin. Packaged with a tea ball which helps keep the botanicals contained while allowing other ingredients to disburse throughout the water.





Secret Garden Foaming Bath Salts

Cherry Almond

A blend of sweet cherries and almond.

Lavender Lace

(Lavender & Vanilla) Lavender essential oil. Lavender buds and goat milk powder added.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey

The name says it all. The fragrance oil smells of oatmeal, vanilla and honey is our best selling fragrance! Goat milk powder, colloidal oatmeal and oats added.

Orange Blossom

A blend of Gardenia and Orange essential oils is reminiscent of orange groves in bloom. Goat milk powder, Orange peel bits, Hibiscus powder and Calendula petals added.


Thorn free. But even if it wasn't, the tea ball would prevent getting stabbed.